Esta tipología de vivienda unifamiliar, la planta está formada por varios MIRADORES que pueden estar juntos o separados, obteniendo fachadas de 12 metros de longitud. Se pueden organizar en PLANTA BAJA i PLANTA PRIMERA.
Esta es óptima por  solares ANCHOS con anchuras superiores a 24 metros.

SMART homes are built using a system of concrete injection chassis. The speed of installation is notable: within 2 days the modules are assembled and the house is installed. The prefabricated components are of the following dimensions: 3 metres in height, 6 metres in width and 1.2 metres in depth. They can be stacked up to 3 heights. A basic level is defined that expands with different packs of finishes. The interior finish is completed in the workshop and all materials will be delivered inside the components that will be assembled at the site. The high-tech production process enables very good thermal insulation and the thermal inertia of the concrete increases comfort. The components being independent avoids impact sound carrying through the structure.
SMART homes enable intelligent function configuration (IFC) settings for lighting, blinds, ambient temperature, and security that are controlled from a smartphone or tablet application.